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Kentucky Expo Center  - Louisville, KY
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Knoxville Expo Center - Knoxville, TN
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Ag Expo Park - Franklin, TN (Nashville)

Kentucky Expo Center · Louisville, KY
December 8-9-10, 2023



Williamson County Ag Expo Park
4215 Long Lane Franklin, TN



The NEW Franklin Flea Market in Franklin, Tennessee will be held at the Williamson County Ag Expo Park, home of the Williamson County Fair!

We expect our first show to be a huge hit with residents in the city of Franklin and the surrounding areas.

Featuring 300 Vendor Booths, attendees can shop booths in Callicott Arena on the Concourse and Carpeted Arena Floor, plus outdoor booths in the covered Manier Arena.

See below for Show Dates, Booth Pricing, Floor Plans, & More!


2023 Franklin Flea Market Dates

June 17-18, 2023
September 16-17, 2023

Show Hours:
Saturday 9am-6pm / Sunday 10am-4pm

Booth Prices:  10' x 10' Booths
Indoor (Concourse or Show Floor): $120
Covered Outdoor (Hard Packed Dirt Floor): $75
Outdoor (Uncovered): $60

Booking  Mark Mardell





Callicott Arena (Indoor Booths)
10'x 10 Booth: $120

Concourse Level (Concrete):
Electricity Available ($40/show)
1 Overhead Door for Cart/Carry In (No Drive In)

Arena Floor - Lower Level (Carpeted):
No Electricity Available (See link below to re-chargeable generator)
2 Overhead Doors for Cart/Carry In (No Drive In)

CLICK HERE for a rechargable power station for vendors needing electricity in the Lower Level (Arena Floor)


Vendor Load-In Days/Times:
Friday 9am-5pm (Cart-In Only)
Saturday 7am-9am (Cart-In Only)


 Booking  Mark Mardell