2950 Breckenridge Ln #12 Louisville, KY 40220 · Phone: 502-456-2244 · Fax: 502-456-2298 · E-mail: info@stewartpromotions.com

Kentucky Expo Center  - Louisville, KY
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Knoxville Expo Center - Knoxville, TN

Kentucky Expo Center ยท Louisville, KY
December 9-10-11, 2022

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Stewart Promotions is a family-owned business promoting Flea Markets, Christmas Shows, and other events since 1973.  We currently promote 5 fantastic flea markets and events in Louisville, KY and 9 in Knoxville, TN that draw roughly 250,000 shoppers each year!

Whether you are a shopper looking for bargains or a vendor looking to sell or promote your products, Stewart Promotions has over 45 year years in the business and major media partners to ensure we bring the shoppers to you at each event.

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Stewart Promotions