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Kentucky Expo Center  - Louisville, KY
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Download For Free 10 PNG Black Line Png #1296847 - PNG Images - PNGio

Knoxville Expo Center - Knoxville, TN

Kentucky Expo Center  - Louisville, KY

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You are making an online reservation for the following:

3 Booth(s) for Knoxville
Knoxville Expo Center, Knoxville Expo Center - November 19-21, 2021
Your total cost will be: $420

(Additional fees for tables, electric, etc. may be paid at the show)

You will be REQUIRED to complete payment with a CREDIT CARD on the following page.  Your card will be processed securely online.  If you do not want to pay via credit card online, please do not fill out and submit this form and call our office at 502-456-2244 - Mon./Wed. 10-4 - Thurs. 10-2.

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Full Name:

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Email Address:
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If "Yes", what is the next show you are booked for?
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Credit Card Billing Address:
Important!  Must be the billing address for your credit card / debit card.
What do you sell?  

  FOOD VENDORS - Call 502-456-2244 before booking
  EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS - Call 502-456-2244
   (Scentsy, Paparazzi, Thirty-One, etc)
Do you require Electric?:

Free in Louisville West Wing
VERY Limited in LaGrange - Please Call
$15 charge in Knoxville
KY Sales Tax #:

Applies to KY Flea Market only.  If you don't have a Tax # you can pay directly at the event.
Tax #: 
Not Required - Leave Blank if you do not have one. 

What is the business name on file?
Do you have any special requests?
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Note:  Corner Spaces are $15 Extra in Knoxville,  no extra charge  in   Louisville  or  LaGrange.
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